Posted time December 31, 2023 Location Canada, United Kingdom, USA Job type Full-time

In response to the growing demand in the health and social care sectors overseas, employers are seeking qualified individuals from abroad to fill rewarding positions as care assistants, support workers and nurses. The good news is that it is now easier to sponsor care professionals for visas. Our esteemed partners and other employers are increasingly looking beyond borders due to a global shortage of care workers.

Key Information About Healthcare Jobs with Sponsorship:

  • 🌍 Job Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada
  • 📅 Job Type: Permanent
  • 🌐 Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • 📜 Types of Visa: Tier 2 UK Visa, EB-3 USA Visa, Work Permit / PR (Canada)
  • 🌟 Prior Experience: Minimum 3 months or a willingness to learn is required.
  • 💰 Earnings: £10-15 per hour
  • 🏥 Job Sector: Explore opportunities in nursing, hospitality, social services, and home care within the care sector.

Advantages of Pursuing Healthcare Careers Overseas:

  • 🌐 Support with the Process: We guide you through every step of your overseas career journey.
  • 🛄 Relocation Assistance: Including flights and airport pickup.
  • 🏡 Free Initial 14 Days: Enjoy complimentary lodging for the first two weeks.

Job Duties:

  • 👗 Dress and attend to patients’ personal hygiene.
  • 🍽 Serve meals and assist with patient feeding.
  • 🚶 Facilitate convenient mobility for individuals.
  • 🛏 Ensure beds and surroundings are clean and comfortable.
  • 😌 Encourage relaxation among patients.
  • 🌡 Monitor vital signs and maintain accurate health records.
  • 🩹 Perform health checks and handle lab specimens.
  • 🩺 Restock consultation rooms.

Why Choose Healthcare Positions Overseas?

  • Global Opportunities: Explore roles in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.
  • 🌟 Prestigious Occupation: Care work is highly regarded and valued internationally.
  • 🌐 Global Shortage: Your skills are in demand worldwide.